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9 February 2018

I know. I know. SHOCK HORROR! FLASH IS NOT VERY GOOD! Hardly news, is it?

NK spies
However, someone, somewhere is still using Flash. No idea who or why, but they are, it seems. Anyhoo, some cunning North Korean hackers were found trying to use an exploit to spy on people trying to investigate their homeland.

At the beginning of January, South Korea’s Computer Emergency Response Team let everyone know about another exploit that let people use Flash to remote control and spy on (of course) Windows boxen after ill-advised users open an Office doc riddled with spyware stuff. Guess who was spying on the SoKo folk? NoKo! I know, shocker, innit. Group 123, Kim Jong-un’s cyber bitches were responsible. Whodathunkit?


Diggin’ a hole
Adobe fessed up to Flash still being riddled with more holes than Swiss cheese, then released a patch. They muttered ashamedly:

“These updates address critical vulnerabilities that could lead to remote code execution, and Adobe recommends users update their product installations to the latest versions,”

Who still uses Flash? 
Every version of Flash Player has this, apart from the Linux build. But seriously though, who still has Flash installed? And why?

Do YOU know anyone who still uses Flash? Call our hotline today, we want to talk to them. 01273 672 834. Or leave a comment below. I find it hard to believe ANY Linux user has it installed. £5 reward if you can help us track one down.

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