Five reasons why the technology you love today might be gone tomorrow

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
4 September 2017

In our latest blog on The Huff Post we’re looking at the top 5 reasons why tech trends might fall into the shadows. 

With so much progress in technology, there’s always the ‘next big thing’ on the horizon. The industry changes at such a rapid rate – hopefully not fast enough to lose our most used tech though.

“In the UK we spend billions every year on technology and communications. Like many, we are a nation of tech junkies and follow fashions and fads with massive enthusiasm. If we look at the tech we love the most today, it’s hard to imagine it not being around in the future. But popularity, market leadership and financial success – even on a global scale – are no guarantee of longevity.”

Read the full blog here 

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