First taste of 5G

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
23 February 2018

O2 kick off 5G tests

5G testing
Mobile giants O2 are making waves with plans to test their 5G networks and making them available to the public.

The hotly anticipated 5G network is set to improve mobile users experience tenfold. O2 will be using their iconic O2 arena to run the tests, which start in March. 5G will provide users with much larger bandwidth, and data will be able to travel across the networks at much faster speeds.

O2 5G priority
Eager O2 customers will be able to connect to the 5G networks within the O2 building after testing is complete. They’ll be running demos and showing the potential of 5G technologies before commercial 5G networks are rolled-out in 2020.

O2 CEO Mark Evans said “At O2, we are obsessive about always delivering for our customers, and this test bed is a further example of our pioneering attitude to putting our customers first and backing the importance of mobile for Britain’s future.”

4Gs still sh*t
It’s just a shame that 4G is still so patchy and unreliable in many parts of the UK -most people outside of London aren’t holding out much hope for 5G. I’ve had to hang out of a window in rural Norfolk many times just to receive a text – you could only dream of getting 4G there.

Big players
All of the big mobile operators have been testing their 5G networks recently and are preparing for expected launch in a few years time. Though many have stated that 5G needs such a huge investment to roll-out, that it’s been difficult to make a proper business case.

O2 seem to be leading the way by offering early access to 5G coverage, but ironically they actually ranked the worst of the four big UK players when it came down to speed, reliability, and data performance on their network…

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