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19 November 2015

According to our sales team, the question that they are asked most often is ‘how fast are your servers?’. Whether the client is changing hosting providers or new to cloud computing, performance is always key.

There’s nothing worse than your website straining under web traffic during marketing drives or SQL database servers draining your storage. Historically, we have found that these issues are the reason why people look for a new hosting provider.

Last month, Hyve’s testing team carried out research on cloud servers from the UK’s leading hosting providers. The tests provided a snapshot of the services provided by our competitors, and was a vital part of our continuous improvement program.

Hyve’s cloud servers outperformed our competitors for disk, CPU and memory. We know we’re good, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it, so take a look at the results.

Hyve’s cloud servers are built on VMware and HP blade infrastructure, and provide the highest levels of reliability, performance and scalability. Our cloud servers run with SSD performance, without breaking the bank.

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