FOTW – Best Buy

Written by:
Damian Jennings
Date Posted:
6 April 2018

Another week, another credit card security breach…

US electronics floggers, Best Buy, are the latest to fess up to being pwned and having customer data snaffled.

As is now par for the course, they’ve offered impacted customers free credit monitoring. Oh Best Buy, you are spoiling us…

Apparently some live chat thing called [24] (no, me neither) is to blame. They provide “customer acquisition and engagement solutions”. Yawn.

What it actually did was be badly written and allow some malware in the code. So credit card details were easily slurped up by Naughty People. Best Buy said that only a tiny amount of people were compromised in some dull corporate pseudo-apology. But, of course they would say that.

The malware let them nick names, addresses, payment card numbers, CVV numbers and expiration dates.

The chat software was pwned for a couple of weeks, but seeing as Delta Airlines, Sears, American Express, AT&T, Citi, Ebay and Hilton all used it and Sears and Delta have already said their stuff got nicked, expect daily pwnage announcements from other American bluechips soon.

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