Facebook step up security game

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
5 January 2018
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The social network takes over more of our lives that we probably care to admit.

Facebook has an alarming amount of information about us, our habits, and preferences. So naturally, it’s a prime target for hackers.

Security experts at Facebook have just rolled out a new feature that enables users to recognise fraudulent emails. They’re pretty proactive when it comes to updating their security practices, and this latest roll out seems like a positive step to recognise spoofed emails.

Check your sent items
Users are now able to look at their recently sent emails from Facebook. This way, you’re able to double check if an email is fake or legit. If it’s not stored on your account, then it’s not from Facebook. You can find ‘see recent emails from Facebook’ under the Settings menu, on the Security and Login page.

With email spoofing on the rise and some emails fooling even the most conscientious of internet users, this is a very useful tool. Any site with online accounts should have this feature in place, giving their users the option to check on recent correspondence from them. It would reduce the amount of work for the security team, at least.

Phishing Trip
This latest feature will help users identify phishing attacks – where hackers try to get user’s password details and access to their profile. If successful, these compromised accounts could be used to send out messages or spread malware onto other users.

As ever, be smart and wary of anything that looks suspicious in an email. If you receive any scam mails, you can report it to phish@facebook.com. If you think that your account may have been hacked, you can report and regain access to your page via  www.facebook.com/hacked .

Or you could delete Facebook. But then where else can you go to look at photos of cats, babies, and someone you worked with 10 years ago who’s now realllllllly successful.




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