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15 March 2018

SEC charges Equifax Big Nob for stock dumping.

Jun Ying, the former CIO of Equifax, has been charged with insider trading in the run up to their massive cock up in 2017. And quite ^ right too.

The SEC reckoned he’d dumped close to $1 million worth of shares just before Equifax told everyone they’d been hacked. They said:

Ying, who was next in line to be the company's global CIO, allegedly used confidential information entrusted to him by the company to conclude that Equifax had suffered a serious breach.

By doing this, Ying avoided losing $117k, but now, $117k seems a lot less than the amount he will lose by not being able to get another job cos he’s a filthy insider trader (allegedly).

The SEC want him to cough up the million he made, and interest and fines and for him to say he’s sorry he was such a naughty boy.

He’s not just looking at the SEC giving him a good telling off, either. IT seems Georgia want to press criminal charges too.


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