New Fishing Attack

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
18 April 2018

You can’t say that hackers aren’t resourceful

Last week a US casino had a bit of a security slip up when a hacker got into their network through a ‘smart’ gadget in a fish tank.

The tank had been fitted with a smart thermometer to monitor the temperature of the water – which sounds really useful, until a Naughty Person gets their hands on it.

The hackers exploited a vuln in the thermostat to gain access to the main network. They then managed to access the databases of gamblers and data that was stored on the casino’s servers.  The unsuspecting fish sadly couldn’t stop the hack.

The thermometer was connected to the casino’s network and left unsecured. It’s definitely an unusual access root for hackers, but a lot of IoT devices are probably left unsecured.

It’s definitely a reminder that smart devices really need to meet the same security standards as a smartphones or laptops…

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