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Continuous Audit

Continuous Audit

Hyve offers real-time monitoring and alerting on any deviation of a known and trusted system state.

Your solution will be evaluated and hardened against industry standard benchmarks, such as PCI and CIS, for operational, regulatory, and security policy compliance. You will be alerted in real time of any deviation of a secure state so compliance can be maintained.

Configuration Assessment

Hyve’s Configuration Assessment solution (included in Hyve PCI package) will monitor, alert, and report on any non-compliant deviation of secure configuration standards monitored by Hyve’s System Integrity Monitoring policy checks.

The host-based agent leveraged in Hyve’s System Integrity Monitoring service will take a baseline of a system after being hardened against any regulatory compliance standards such as PCI. Baselines only occur once or after a major system configuration change.

After a system is baselined, the agent will perform real-time compliance checks to determine if the system is still in compliance after a monitored change occurs. The Hyve support team, managed technician (if applicable), and the client will receive a real-time Compliance Failure email detailing what system changes caused non-compliance, when, and by whom. The Hyve security team will immediately follow client SEAP for any escalation procedures to resolve any non-compliant configuration issues.

System Integrity

System integrity monitoring is used to detect and report on system changes so they can be tracked and validated. Hyve’s System Integrity Monitoring service provides real-time reporting of file system changes including files, security settings, configuration parameters and permissions, ensuring that all changes are planned and verified, and all unauthorised changes are investigated.

The host-based system integrity agent monitors, alerts, and reports on any changes to critical computing resources in real time. Change detection rules can be added, removed, or customised per solution. Default change detection rules will be applied based on the operating system to detect critical system changes. In collaboration with the client, the Hyve security team will determine what file system locations contain application code and/or other sensitive data so that client-specific change detection monitoring can be configured.

Upon detecting a change, the Hyve security team and the client receive a real-time change report via email with detailed information on the change such as who, what, and when the change was made. The Hyve security team will respond and escalate in accordance with pre-defined policies and procedures. Change events are also be collected and correlated for client access using a secure web-based interface.

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