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CouchDB – What and why?

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is an open source database which has a data model that is centerd around documents. Springing up under NoSQL, MongoDB has shunned the more traditional tables and rows that are used in relational DBs. Instead, MongoDB focused on collections and documents. Documents are sets of key-value pairs and are the building blocks of all data housed in MongoDB. Collections are sets of documents and work in the same way as tables in a relational database.

Why use MongoDB?

If you don’t want to use object-relational mapping (ORM) that is used in relational tables. If your business needs a flexible model where your database schema can change and adapt according to the needs of the business. If you expect a high write load. If you need HA in an unreliable environment. If you need to scale (and Shard your data). If your data is based on location. If your data set is going to start big (1GB+).

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