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Firewall & VPN Services

Firewall & VPN Services

Firewall & VPN Services are a key part of Hyve’s comprehensive set of Managed Security Services. New vulnerabilities in critical software are increasing at an alarming rate. Security should be a primary concern for every business. Hyve’s service starts with a comprehensive assessment of the security requirements for your business.

What is a Managed Firewall Service?

A managed firewall service places a layer of security between your organisation and the internet. All inbound data traffic flows to a firewall(s), which filters traffic based on your specified requirements. This will detect and deflect unwanted attempts to penetrate your server security. We provide a variety of standard security policies and we’ll work with you to develop custom policies that address the specific requirements of your business.

What is a Managed VPN (Virtual Private Network) ?

A managed VPN encrypts all traffic between two internet points. This provides secure communication channels for individual users, user groups, contractors, vendors and remote offices. Our Managed VPN also aids in providing a high level of data integrity and protects key corporate information assets.

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