Konica Minolta x Hyve

Written by:
Leah Johnston
Date Posted:
12 February 2020
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What does a training day at Hyve HQ look like?

Konica Minolta 
Konica Minolta, a multinational technology company with offices in 49 countries worldwide and one of Hyve’s technology partners, recently visited the Brighton office for a training day. 

As well as providing comprehensive IT services, including Digital Print, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality solutions, Konica Minolta offers consultancy services to optimise business processes with workflow automation, IT security and cloud environments. 

Hyve Partnership
Since 2016, Hyve and Konica Minolta have been building upon a strong technology partnership. 

Initially, Konica Minolta worked with Hyve to collaborate on hosting solutions for print management applications, such as SafeQ and Papercut. After more conversations with Konica Mintola’s marketing team, we spotted a gap in the services currently offered and broadened our offering to wider applications such as desktops and DRaaS solutions.

In the last twelve months, Hyve has started further supporting Konica Minolta with sales pitches and most recently, training at Hyve.

Hyve Training
On 28th January, some of the Public Sector Pre-Sales team at Konica Minolta made a trip to Hyve HQ in Brighton for their first training day. The day was split into three main focus areas:

  • Origins of Hyve
  • An introduction to the Cloud
  • Core Products & Key Selling Points

With talks, demonstrations, Q&A, refreshments (and later, beer!), the Konica Minolta team were pleased with how the day went – so much so that they requested we do another session two weeks later (11th February)! Rebecca Walton, Public Sector Pre-Sales Manager at Konica Minolta commented,

“The Hyve offering really blew my team away and we can definitely see where it would fit in the Public Sector Marketplace. Looking forward to working with you and your team closer in the near future.”

After another successful training day, we are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership!

Have a look at our highlights video below:

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