HPE Containerises 3PAR

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27 July 2018

HPE bought Nimble Storage last year for $1.2bn and part of the purchase was a piece of system management software called Proactive Wellness.

Nimble uses flash and hybrid arrays which are monitored and managed using sensors situated in both hardware and software. The data derived from these sensors is visualised using Infosight’s cloud-based analytics. 

Last November, HPE announced it was adding InfoSight facilities into the 3PAR storage arrays we use exclusively here at Hyve that helps us deliver market-leading speed. The software had been updated to include a new AI Recommendation Engine. It’s claimed that the software had auto-healed 85% of more than 1,500 incidents. 

HPE has added additional automated set up of 3PAR arrays for containers on top of the support and integration with Docker and Mesospher. Now, the following are supported: 

  • Kubernetes
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • VMware vRealize Orchestrator
  • Blueprints for Chef, Puppet and Ansible
  • Language SDKs in Ruby and Python

These new features are all available to any 3PAR customers with a valid support contract. 

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