Google maps may soon share battery life

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
16 February 2018
New Tech

If not, send a carrier pigeon.

‘Low battery anxiety’ is apparently one of the biggest fears of this generation. So, imagine if there was a way of informing friends and family that your phone had ran out of battery.

Luckily, the popular tech site Android Police have hinted that in Google Maps 9.71 there is some code that hints that users may be able to share their battery life as well as their location in the near future.

Battery life
It wouldn’t be a live update of the state of your battery, but it would give a rough percentage as battery can change minute-to-minute. It would definitely be helpful to see if a friend’s phone was running low or a colleague’s battery had died on the way to a meeting.

You can currently share your location in Google Maps (if you want to), and can determine who you’d like to update and how long for. Useful for stalker partners or anxious parents, I’m sure. It could then be alarming to see someone drop off the map, as it were. Which is why adding in battery percentages could be something that really kicks off.

The code shows that Google Maps may also share data on your commuting and even indicate the exact time that you might arrive at a station.  It’ll help with shortcuts to your most visited routes, too.

Change is coming?
It could take a while before the changes appear in the app. And hidden code found within app updates does sometimes get cut, but the reaction to this news has been very positive, so hopefully Google follow through.  If not, send a carrier pigeon.

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