Fully managed cloud hosting

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14 April 2014

Managed hosting? We compare off-the-shelf products against Hyve’s tailor-made hosting solutions.

Most businesses tend to move to the cloud for lower running costs, elasticity, reliability, speed etc. But what a lot of businesses seem to underestimate is that these systems require strategic monitoring, performance tuning, and technical support.

Off-the-shelf cloud
What we find so surprising about companies offering off-the-shelf solutions is that cloud hosting is treated as a commodity. You can’t buy a service and expect your business to fit the mould. Of course, no business is the same. If you have a competent in-house IT department with the expertise to manage your servers, sites and applications, then off-the-shelf products are probably better suited and more cost effective.

Although, as there are so many developments in the technology behind cloud computing, it’s often difficult to find staff with such a wide range of skills. Another major pitfall is that with these lower cost services the support tends to be US based and is very minimal.

Tailor-made solutions
We work with prospective clients to consult and diagnose problems that their business may have. Our custom, tailor-made solutions mean that businesses have a service that works for them, and is a viable ongoing solution, as opposed to a ‘quick fix’.

As we’re fully managed web hosts, our support team become an extension of your business. We can manage your entire platform, leaving you to focus on your business.

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