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Environmental Policy

In line with Hyve’s long-term sustainable approach to business operations, Hyve endeavors to conduct all operations in a manner which where possible will prevent any harmful environmental effects that result from ongoing business activities, whenever they occur. 

As a result, Hyve is committed to a program of continuous development to reduce and eradicate impacts on the environment through providing ongoing education and training via awareness schemes aimed at the identification and understanding of their environmental impacts. Additionally, Hyve will encourage and work with customers, business partners and the wider business community, of which Hyve is a part of, to develop practical and sustainable solutions. 

As part of Hyve’s goal towards continual improvement, Hyve is committed to reducing our environmental impacts and therefore will develop and implement an environmental management system. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Complying with ISO 14001:2015 
  • Continually audit our environmental performance 
  • Achieve 100% carbon neutrality
  • Partnering with sustainable third party providers, where possible.
  • Limiting energy use to our business premises 
  • Increase re-use and recycling of materials. Preventing pollution by disposing of waste in an environmentally responsible way 
  • Where appropriate, taking environmental regulations into practice and meeting all new regulations as soon as is reasonably practicable. 
  • Where appropriate, taking environmental factors into account when purchasing products and services.




Hyve’s commitment to a sustainable businesses approach is cemented through complying with the criteria of the following accreditations, ISO14001:2015 Standard for environmental management systems.


Our Partners

As a dedicated managed hosting provider, here at Hyve, we are well aware that working with data centres around the world requires a significant amount of energy, which is why we solely work with data centre, technology and software providers who actively strive to make sustainability a central part of their business operations.


Data Centres

Hyve works with data centre providers who are committed to achieving the ambitious greenhouse gas reductions as outlined by the Europe Green Deal and agree to make data centres climate neutral by 2030 and the Carbon Neutral Data Centre Pact.


Technology Providers

Hyve exclusively works with technology providers who have a longstanding commitment to environmental responsibility through championing innovation and higher standards in their hardware, software and service solutions.


Sustainable Purchasing / Supply Chain

Where possible, Hyve works solely with providers in our supply chain to set objectives to improve the use of natural resources and recycling of materials, with these objectives assessed regularly so they remain suitable to the business. Furthermore, where possible, Hyve actively pursues a supply and purchasing chain that is equally as ethical and sustainable and the adoption of suppliers with similar sustainable principles. 

This policy statement will continuously be audited and amended in line with updated environmental regulation and best practice.


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