Don’t ditch the keys yet

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
17 May 2018

How smart is your home?

In the early hours of this morning smart device manufacturers, Nest, had a three-hour outage that affected users worldwide.

All of the devices across their range were affected, including thermostats, locks, cameras, doorbells, smoke detectors and alarms. The Nest app on iOS, Android, and web browser access were inaccessible, which left Nest customers fumbling in locks and turning dials like paupers.

Nest tweeted “We’ve received reports from Nest Secure and Nest x Yale Lock customers who are unable to arm/disarm or lock/unlock via the Nest app. Physical controls aren’t affected. We’re currently investigating this issue and will provide more info when available.”

The outage affected several countries, with users in the US, Canada and the Netherlands all reporting problems. Customers took to Twitter to voice their anger over being unable to monitor their children via camera systems, turn on a/c in their bedrooms, and monitor security cameras whilst they were out of town.

Not the best for security or putting your faith in the product(s) is it? The devices were working manually, but just couldn’t be used remotely or via the app. Hopefully people’s homes weren’t left open or affected by the outage.

It’s definitely a stark reminder of how much we rely on internet-connected devices in our homes. It’s not good when they go wrong. Don’t ditch the keys just yet!

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