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30 January 2018

A sysadmin from the European Commission shares stories of stupidity.

Hey, Pete
“Pete” (probably not his real name) told El Reg a few tales of immense idiocy last week. Here’s a recap.

Story number one involved a scientific adviser. Sounds like he’d be pretty smart, yeah? Advisor. Scientific. Sounds legit clever. Sadly not. He complained to “Pete” that the app he uses for conference calls was borked. “Pete” went over and found at least 6 windows all running the conferencing app. Five had people in them, but the advisor’s window was blank. The boffin complained that no one could hear or see him.

“Pete” sighed. Then pointed out the user’s PC has no microphone. Nor a webcam. Apparently he asked “Pete” if he thought that might be the problem.

Story number two revolves around the EC deciding to test some (probably expensive) laptop docks. One user complained to “Pete” that he couldn’t log in. “Pete” went to check it out. He found the laptop was not in the dock and the user was not in his office. When the user returned, he showed Pete how he could press ctrl alt delete again and again on the external keyboard and nothing happened. “Pete” asked where the user’s laptop was. He replied it was at home.

Translator needed? 
The final tale of woe is font-based. “Pete” was asked why a user couldn’t see any text on an Arabic document he needed to see. “Pete” realised quickly it was because the user didn’t have the right character set installed, so nicely installed it for him. Sorted. “Pete” asked if everything was alright with the document now. The user chose then to inform “Pete” that because he couldn’t read Arabic he couldn’t really be sure.

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