Creating a culture of cybersecurity

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29 May 2019

Only human, after all

Human error
When it comes to online security and data protection in the workplace, human errors are often considered to be the biggest threat and ‘weakest link’. Without appropriate training and education, people can fall victim to cyber attacks.

Whilst many attacks are designed to take advantage of human errors, business owners should avoid solely putting the blame on employees and focus on improving their cybersecurity training and in-house security practices. Every business should encourage employees to understand that they are the best line of defence and create a culture of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity awareness 

Cybersecurity in the workplace should integrate into people’s everyday working lives. Avoid the dreary seminars and PowerPoint presentations, and instead give practical, accessible advice about recognising cyber attacks and how to prevent them. Get creative and think of ways to incentivise security awareness with competitions, ethical hacking and focussing on the individual’s vital and ongoing role in cybersecurity.

Even by understanding phishing attacks, promoting safe password management and protecting sensitive information, employees can make informed decisions about potential security risks. Employees should also be given training about downloading attachments, clicking on links in emails and using their own devices to encourage safe online practice in the workplace.

The company mission
A strong security culture not only works for day-to-day procedures but is also an embedded framework in all areas of the business. Cybersecurity culture requires everyone in the business to take responsibility for security, not just the people that work in IT.

By following accreditations such as ISO 270001, a strategic framework and auditing process is in place for following security procedures. All staff are given information security training and there are strict procedures in place for any potential risk of cyber attacks.

Incorporating security into the company mission and vision is a fantastic method for raising awareness.  Regularly carrying out risk assessments and security tests on employees is also a great way to ensure that cybersecurity programmes are working.

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