Cloud spend up 45.5%

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28 June 2018

Cloud spending up.

According to IDC, revenue from the sales of cloud hosting infrastructure products such as servers, storage and switches has grown 45.5% year over year in Q1 2018, reaching $12.9 billion. IDC also revised its forecast for the total spending on cloud infrastructure in 2018 to $57.2 billion with year over year growth of 21.3%.

The main growth is via public cloud offerings which has experienced a quarterly growth of 55.8% year over year. Annually, private cloud is delivering a 26.5% growth.

Together, private and public cloud spend now delivers 46.1% of the worldwide total spend on IT infrastructure. This is an increase of 41.8% from 2017. Non-cloud infrastructure, in contrast, showed only a 22% growth from a year ago. However, it still represents the majority of the expenditure with a 53.9% share of spend.

Kuba Stolarski, research director at IDC said:

"Hyperscaler datacenter expansion and refresh continued to drive overall cloud IT infrastructure growth in the first quarter. While all infrastructure segments continued their strong growth, public cloud has been growing the most. IDC expects this trend to continue through the end of 2018. Digital transformation initiatives such as edge computing and machine learning have been bringing new enterprise workloads into the cloud, driving up the demand for higher density configurations of cores, memory, and storage. As systems technology continues to evolve towards pooled resources and composable infrastructure, the emergence of these next-generation workloads will drive net new growth beyond traditional enterprise workloads."

However, UK cloud hosting is not the fastest growing in terms of hardware spend. Western Europe comes in at just 26.1%, whereas the fastest growing region (Asia) saw increases year over year of 74.7%.

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