Cloud Backups

Prepare for the unexpected

Cloud Backups

Company data is one of the most valuable parts of your business. It’s vital to safeguard your business to ensure that your data and systems stay available in the event of any type of disaster.

Why do you need data backups?

The value of your company data should be at the forefront of your business agenda. Every business should be prepared for the unexpected, and have backups of critical systems so that files and data can be restored if the worst should happen.

We offer several solutions to ensure that data, applications, and operating systems are copied and/or replicated from their production environment into a securely managed cloud environment.

Why Hyve?

We provide high-performance backup solutions designed specifically for multi-platform and cloud environments. Hyve uses an enterprise-class solution combining backup and replication for our HP & VMware Cloud Hosting Platform.

We can back up all data content on your server including the OS drives, and in most cases locked files such as databases. Our backup services guarantee peace of mind, providing a minimum of 7 day data retention via daily incremental backups, with full weekly snapshots. With free unlimited restores, you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

Hyve Cloud Backup can help to achieve a wide range of regulatory compliance including ISO 27001 and FIPS, and can improve disaster recovery and business continuity practices for businesses. All data is stored in a hyper-secure UK data centre.

  • Snapshot capability (Windows & Linux Servers)
  • Block level backup
  • Restores up to 100 times faster than traditional tape option
  • Express disaster restore “bare metal recovery” available
  • Off-site backup & restore capability


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Hyve are 100% carbon neutral. We use carbon offsetting to balance out the release of carbon dioxide from our offices and infrastructure.