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17 May 2018

Gone phishing

I’m sure your inbox has been filled with GDPR ‘act now’ emails for the past few weeks. Some have actually been a handy reminder of all the mailing lists you’re on, but there’s also been a lot of ‘click to unsubscribe’ action going on too.

Just don’t get too click happy. With GDPR coming into force on May 25th, Naughty People have been taking advantage by targeting Apple users with an email phishing scam.

Trend Micro identified the phishing mail that was circulating, which is an attempt to get Apple users to disclose their account information to get personal details such as credit card information, Apple log in etc.

The mail states that Apple is getting users to update their profiles to strengthen security in preparation for GDPR, due to ‘unusual activity’ on the account. So, naturally you’d be worried if you read that. But then it asks you to update your payment details through a link to verify your account. Alarm bells.

The link in the email obviously takes people to a site that isn’t Apple’s, and the spoofed site cleverly looks like Apple, but isn’t.

So as ever, be aware of any emails coming through and do the mouse hover trick (check that URL) before clicking on any links in emails. And never enter any personal information to anything that looks even remotely suspicious. Ever.

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