Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Protecting critical data and applications is becoming increasingly important for businesses.

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Web Application Firewall

Protecting critical data and applications is becoming increasingly important for businesses. The volume of data now stored on company servers presents a lucrative target for cybercrime. 

At Hyve, security is at the forefront of everything we do. As standard, all solutions have firewalls and are completely locked down, and we open individual ports based on customer requirements. 

However, solutions can be attacked through a range of methods. Hackers can utilise poor coding practices and create malicious attacks through things like cross-site scripting and SQL injection. Web application firewalls (WAFs) provide an extra layer of protection that helps to block these kinds of attacks.

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Web Application Firewall with Hyve

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A WAF is a piece of software that is used to control, filter and analyse traffic sent to and from a web application. WAFs differ from standard firewalls because they are specifically configured to cover web applications and sites, specifically code, whereas standard firewalls work based on access lists, input and output, and access controls. A WAF will detect and prevent as many attacks as possible, keeping data and applications secure.

A WAF sits directly on the application layer of a database server and examines every request that comes through. Applying a set of specifically configured rules, it filters out illegitimate traffic. New rules can be applied to the WAF in keeping with new and emerging threats.

A WAF protects applications from a range of attacks such as SQL injections and cross-site scripting, specifically OWASP key threats. These types of attacks can occur when there are vulnerabilities in the code or if systems are not regularly patched and kept up to date.

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