Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is an extra layer of security that all businesses should enforce to ensure online security

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication is a way of protecting your credentials. It is usually a password (one factor) and something like a random number generator gadget (second factor). It can be more easily explained as something you know (password) and something you are (fingerprint) or something you have (an authenticator app).

Passwords are under constant risk of compromise from various techniques such as brute force, spyware, viruses or though social engineering. Requiring a second factor of authentication significantly increases your system security. System access is granted only upon successful authentication of both factors.

Currently there are three primary factors for authenticating individuals to a system.

  • Something you know – Such as a password or PIN
  • Something you have – Such as a digital certificate, physical security token, or credit card
  • Something you are – Such as a fingerprint, retina, or iris scan

Hyve’s service utilises two factor authentication. Our CISSP certified security team will provide a specific and clear plan for securing your solution. We work with you from planning through implementation to ensure that users requiring remote access to your solution are properly authenticated prior to receiving access.

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