Patch Management Services

Patch Management Services

When security patches or updates are released they are fully tested, repackaged, and stored in our repository before they are deployed to your server(s). A procedure for patch approval can be set for each server individually or your solution as a whole.

When the next security vulnerability is discovered, and a patch becomes available, Hyve will automatically take action in accordance with pre-defined criteria including scheduling of installation, configuration changes, and reboot if necessary.

Hyve utilises a secure, cross-platform patch discovery and distribution utility that provides an enterprise-wide patch, software, data and task deployment. This essential security tool automatically detects patch-related security vulnerabilities on all machines within a network and provides a fast and efficient method to correct them immediately across all platforms and enterprise boundaries.

Hyve includes Patch Management Services with our Managed Services. This service is available to all dedicated server clients.

Highlights of our Patch Management Service

  • Fast and Accurate Patch Deployments

Deploys specialised, intelligent queries to devices attached to your network to easily and quickly identify machines that require security fixes. Administrators confidently deploy patches that have been tested and approved, targeting only the machines that require them.

  • Scheduled Remediation Activities

Schedule patch and configuration deployments to ease network traffic and assume full control of rebooting upon patch deployment. Target remediation to specific devices, groups, domains or organisational units, increasing the efficiency of remediation activities.

  • Real-time Notification of Newly Published Security Bulletins

Delivers up-to-date patches for Microsoft, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and Linux operating systems. In addition, it also supports all Microsoft application patches, ensuring that the vulnerabilities that are discovered regularly in applications like Microsoft IIS, SQL Server, and Exchange are patched quickly.

  • Enterprise-wide Configuration Management

Enables organisations to maintain corporate standard configurations of network devices, a critical step in enforcing existing policies. Registry and user settings can be addressed across the network, for complete enterprise-wide configuration management.

  • Centralised Management and Administration

Displays progress of remediation activities in real-time and allows you to prioritise patch deployments according to internal specifications (download sise, release date, severity and products). Users can create hierarchical machine groups to ease management and deployment, as well as roles and responsibilities with multi-level administrator privileges.

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