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Network solutions that guarantee 100% uptime

Managed Networking

Superior, Scalable 100% Uptime Network. Hyve delivers the best network performance in the industry. We have invested in the best available network infrastructure with vast bandwidth capacity.


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Six reasons to choose Hyve for management

Always and easily get through to an expert by phone

We work in small teams so we always get to know you and your business

All our team are experts in their field

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Our team monitor and react to issues proactively

Networking Solutions


A firewall will filter inbound traffic that is going to your server. This filtering is designed to your unique needs. It can find and remove attempts to gain access to your server’s security.

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A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a way to safely and privately connect to a private remote server, or public network. VPNs are mainly used by companies to safeguard protect data that’s sensitive. Using a VPN will mitigate risk of increasingly popular data interception threats such as a Man In The Middle attack.

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Domain Registration

Have can take care of all aspects of your domain portfolio. From initial purchase and set up, to setting up MX, A Records as well as reverse DNS for spam protection.

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DNS Failover

DNS failover can either manually shift traffic between datacenters when you want to. It can also automatically move traffic when monitoring systems find an outage, an issue with connectivity or something as simple as an overloaded server.

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Load balancing

Load balancing enhances the way in which workloads are distributed across multiple computing resources for improved performance and reliability.

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Files (particularly content files) are cached on servers in a variety of locations around the world. Whichever server is physically closest to the user will serve them the content, speeding up page loading times.

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Server monitoring will perpetually look at your set up and issue alerts based on predetermined criteria.

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Caching/Web Acceleration

Hyve offers an HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic websites.

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Networking Solutions

Being a Managed Hosting company our network is the fundamental backbone of our operations and products; it is who we are. We, therefore, invest a huge amount of money delivering a premium network that utilises multiple Tier 1 backbone providers including Level 3 and Cogent. Our network is built with No Single Point of Failure, so each provider peers diversely, with multiple edge routers in different physical locations, thereby substantially enhancing the performance of our network.

Powered by a 100 GB backbone network. Our total bandwidth capacity is second to none, thanks to multiple, diversely routed 10G fibre uplinks.

Hyve builds in and guarantees 100% network availability by utilising multiple, diversely routed, connections to multiple Tier 1 upstream providers. All network hardware and components are configured in Active/Active or Active/Passive configurations with No Single Point of Failure.

Most providers utilise BGP, but the standard implementation of BGP does NOT take performance into account when routing traffic. Hyve utilises dynamically controlled BGP to provide intelligent, fail-safe routing, assure uptime and deliver superior performance. We continuously monitor network performance to Internet destinations and automatically route your users to the fastest available connection, ensuring maximum connection speed with minimum latency.

All our systems are designed to maintain a quality of service (QoS) by prioritizing packets to maintain an order of precedence. We utilise intelligent, multilayer access control to protect the network from unwanted traffic and intrusions. We also have the capability to swing traffic and elements of our network via BGP to external DDoS scrubbing facilities as and when required in order to ensure that our network can not be easily overwhelmed.

We guarantee 100% network uptime.

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