SharePoint 2010 Hosting

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SharePoint Hosting

Microsoft SharePoint makes it easier for people to work together. Using SharePoint, you can set up intranets and web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.

Why use SharePoint?

The capabilities of SharePoint work together to help your company quickly respond to changing business needs. Using SharePoint, your people can share ideas and expertise, create custom solutions for specific needs and find the right business information to make better decisions. For IT, SharePoint helps you cut training and maintenance costs, save time and effort and focus on higher business priorities.​

Why choose Hyve for your SharePoint 2010 hosting?

Hyve engineers have many years experience in setting up and configuring SharePoint servers and SharePoint server farms. Our complex setups include configuration and maintenance of SharePoint Web Servers, Index Servers and Clustered SQL Servers.

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Hyve are 100% carbon neutral. We use carbon offsetting to balance out the release of carbon dioxide from our offices and infrastructure.