Plesk Hosting

How does Plesk Hosting work?

What are the advantages of Plesk?


Plesk covers both server and account security via both LDAP and Active Directory authentication out of the box. Additionally, Plesk offers Two Factor Authentication and has a built in WAF. Fail2Ban is software that monitors logs and has the ability to ban IPs if it detects multiple authentication failures. One click HTTPS, Let’s Encrypt SSLs and a CloudFlare backed product called ServerShield all work together to provide a robust suite of security tools for users.


Any control panel’s success is reliant not only on the security but also the ease of use. The continual iteration of Plesk’s UI means it is simple even for a beginner to use. Modern standards like full cross browser support, fully responsive design, high res iconography and retina support makes using Plesk simple, intuitive; and visually a pleasure.


Plesk’s biggest competitor, c-panel [LINK TO CPANEL PAGE], only works on Linux servers, whereas Plesk functions on both Linux and Windows. With identical features. Plesk also has support for twelve languages, so is a multilingual control panel. This makes it a suitable option for any business no matter nationality or server configuration.

Mobile Apps

Plesk offers fully functional mobile apps on iOS, Android and even Windows. All server management tasks are able to be completed wherever you are and whatever device you have access to. Ay new features added to Plesk will also be supported on mobile.

What is Plesk?

Plesk is a growing server control panel which is accessed via a web GUI. It makes it easy to perform simple server tasks such as create mailboxes, FTP accounts, manage all aspects of DNS, manage files and databases, control permissions and create additional domains or subdomains.

The simplicity of the interface makes it simple for even non-technical users by the offer of one click installation of popular applications such as WordPress.

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