ColdFusion Hosting

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ColdFusion Hosting

Our UK ColdFusion hosting offering provides a fully managed, professional, robust and reliable service on which to run your ColdFusion applications. Hosted on our enterprise-grade cloud platform, we ensure that your ColdFusion website runs at peak performance at all times and our expert support team and always on hand to respond to any kind of request.

Many companies offering ColdFusion hosting are operated by website developers instead of specialist server infrastructure engineers. Development companies are often unsure of the correct way to configure and maintain a server fit for a production environment.

We employ highly-trained, specialist server infrastructure teams backed up by expert ColdFusion developers to ensure that systems run at peak performance and reliability. Choose Hyve for ColdFusion hosting

Over 12 years’ experience in running and supporting ColdFusion
Running on enterprise HP & VMWare cloud platform
Migration setup and configuration support
Full Management available into the application layer
Performance tuning and optimisation of platform
SQL Server/mySQL Database support
UK-based ‘direct to engineer’ support
ColdFusion 8 Standard
ColdFusion 8 Enterprise
ColdFusion 9 Standard
ColdFusion 9 Enterprise
ColdFusion 10 Standard
ColdFusion 10 Enterprise
ColdFusion 11 Standard
ColdFusion 11 Enterprise
ColdFusion Standard (2018 Release)
ColdFusion Enterprise (2018 Release)
Multi-server load balanced platform

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Hyve are 100% carbon neutral. We use carbon offsetting to balance out the release of carbon dioxide from our offices and infrastructure.