Monitor critical resources, processes & services essential to your hosting solution


Our monitoring system utilises a client-side application to provide an advanced level of monitoring. Our system is capable of monitoring virtually all critical resources, processes and services essential to your hosting solution.

Error Resolution Document (ERD)

An Error Resolution Document (ERD) allows users to provide appropriate contacts for notification and escalation. It allows the user to specify instructions on how they would like Hyve to handle support incidents if there was an issue with their solution. It also allows users to define which services they would like Hyve to monitor and the actions to take if a service fails.

There is a real-time display of monitoring status and server resource usage recorded in the client portal, and users can also have SMS and email monitoring alerts for their platform. We can also offer a proactive monitoring service (for an additional cost) where Hyve engineers receive phone calls and automated tickets for any failed checks.

Content Checking

Content checking is a process by which our monitoring system requests a specific page from a website on your server and scans the page for an expected string value. The page requested as well as the string value (a specific word or phrase), can be fully customised.

If the monitoring system finds the expected text on the requested page, the content check passes and the service is considered up. If the system cannot load the site or the expected text is not found on the requested page, the service is considered down and our technicians are notified immediately.

Database Monitoring

Database monitoring is a similar process to content checking but deals specifically with data within your database(s) as opposed to text on a page. This task is carried out by performing a query on specific tables within a database on your database server.

Our monitoring system can be configured to log into your Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database with specific user credentials, and execute a stored procedure or perform a standard SELECT query on data within a database.

If rows are returned from the stored procedure or SELECT query, the service is considered up. If no rows are returned or the server cannot be contacted by the monitoring system, the service is considered down and our technicians are notified immediately.

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