Offsite Backup

Offsite Backup Services

Reliable backup and recovery are critical to today’s information-driven business. Combining proven disk and online technologies, our backup solution radically simplifies the protection of all your company’s servers.

Offsite Backups

Our backup solution provides an automated, fully managed, cloud-based data protection service with a proactive administration and monitoring of data. The service removes the burden of managing the complex and error-prone data protection process, so you can focus on core projects instead of backup chores.

Fully Automated Backup and Reliable Recovery

With our solution, backups are performed automatically and continuously, so data is protected as it is created. Our backup solution provides fully automated backup over the internet or private network connection, for uninterrupted enterprise productivity. Data is moved off-site to secure, mirrored data centres, without manual IT intervention.

At every step — from the moment it leaves your server until it is safely stored in the remote mirrored data centres — your data is completely secure and protected, using stringent procedures, protocols, and standards. Our server backup and recovery solution encrypts all data at the source using 256-bit AES encryption with a unique key that only you have. For an additional layer of protection, the server backup and recovery solution uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to establish a secure, resilient communication tunnel to the off-site data centres.

Even recovery is automated. You select the data to recover from a catalogue of archived file versions, and we automatically restore the data to your location. The time you save on backup and recovery lets you focus on more mission-critical projects for your business.


  • Secure, reliable, fully automated data protection
  • Rapid recovery
  • Native, embedded data deduplication
  • Proactive administration and monitoring
  • Encryption


  • Removes the burden of complex, daily backup chores
  • Data stored securely off-site in our underground mirrored data centres
  • Delivers point-in-time recovery of server data by continuous backup

Rapid Recovery

Our solution offers advanced technology to make recovery fast and easy.

‘Roll back’ Capability

Instead of restoring an entire file or database after corruption or an inadvertent change, we restore only the data that has changed. For example, if a virus corrupts a few messages within a large Microsoft Exchange database, we “roll back” the database to its exact state at a point before the corruption.

Central Management

With our backup solution, you retain complete control of your backup operations. Through our Web Management Portal, you can manage and monitor the entire data protection workflow including backup, off-site storage, archiving, and recovery from a Web browser anywhere, anytime. You can create customised backup policies, check status, delegate responsibilities across your enterprise, and initiate restores operations whenever needed. Role-based access control lets you define access levels for various user classes across your organisation.

Continuous Backup

Our solution delivers a point-in-time recovery of server data through continuous backup, providing nearly 100 recovery points daily. Continuous backup enables you to choose the exact version of the file to recover from numerous point-in-time versions each day, for vastly improved Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Our backup solution also provides built-in protection of open files and databases, without complex plug-ins or costly third-party tools.

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