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Managed Private Cloud

Single-tenant infrastructure, powered by VMware

The next generation of private cloud innovation

We know that businesses today require a secure private cloud solution that is easy to deploy and manage, with the ability to scale up and down with changing demand. Reduce complexity without compromising on security with Hyve’s fully managed private cloud. 

Stay competitive while enjoying greater performance, flexibility and increased cost-savings in a controlled, cloud environment – running on hardware dedicated solely to your organisation.


Managed Private Cloud with VMware

What our customers say about us

Breath of fresh air! Such a responsive and knowledgeable support team. Been with Hyve for over a year now, every time I request help I’m blown away!

Recently switched from UKFast to Hyve. So far such a fantastic experience, the support team helped migrate and sort out all initial hickups. Onto a roaring new start with the brand spankimg new shiny high availability server :)

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Bespoke private cloud solutions

Our skilled solutions architects design your bespoke private cloud from scratch to suit your individual hosting requirements. We also provide a fully managed set up of your platform as standard with continued management and maintenance of your systems.


Best-in-class private cloud infrastructure

You’ll get a fully managed private cloud infrastructure, running on our high availability VMware platform. Our private cloud has dedicated HP blades to host VMs and dedicated storage with lightning fast HP 3PAR SANs. All solutions can be set up to run across multiple data centres for disaster recovery.



Superior security with Hyve's private cloud

Experience complete control over your own data and applications. Hyve’s private cloud keeps sensitive information locked down, ensuring that your data is secure. You get full control of every aspect of your infrastructure, but we’re here to help if needed, for added peace of mind.

Extra-mile service

Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do. By working in small teams we ensure that our support team are 100% familiar with your needs, allowing us to offer the highest levels of support and make hosting simple for you.

We offer a ‘direct-to-engineer’ service, meaning that when you contact us, you aren’t passed around support tiers. Instead, you will get straight through to an expert who knows your solution inside out and can solve your issue or action your request.



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Managed Private Cloud with VMware

Features of VMware private cloud

VMware HA is a powerful feature providing high availability to all servers on the Hyve cloud. In the event of a physical server or operating system failure, VMware HA automatically reboots the affected virtual machines onto other production servers with spare capacity.

VMware vMotion enables the live migration of running virtual machines between physical servers with zero downtime, continuous service availability, and complete transaction integrity.

VMware DRS (Distributed Resources Scheduler) continuously monitors resource utilisation across VMware hosting servers and intelligently allocates available resources among VMware virtual machines according to business needs.

VMware DPM (Distributed Power Management) continuously optimises power consumption in the data centre by powering down and up hosts based on power requirements. This allows us to reduce outgoings and pass these savings onto our clients. A system running DPM is also better for the environment.

As a VMware partner, we have access to the highest quality training along with VMware software such as vCloud Director.

Our VMware enterprise plus licensing allows us to offer up to 40CPU cores and 256GB RAM per cloud server. This can be upgraded to 88 cores and 2 TB of RAM at an additional cost.

Why Private Cloud

  • Zero downtime maintenance
  • No single point of failure
  • Full control of your server – no shared resources
  • 20 Minute hardware SLA
  • Lightning-fast HP 3PAR SANs

Benefits of Hyve's Private Cloud

Private Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

Private cloud refers to a type of cloud computing where the hardware is solely dedicated to the needs of an individual client or organisation.

Private cloud uses virtualization technology to create multiple virtual instances of a physical machine. The difference with private cloud compared to public cloud is that the computing resources are exclusive to a single organization and are not shared with other tenants.

Private cloud would be well suited to industries that need higher levels of security. For example, finance or government, who have complex computing needs that require direct control over their environments, typically to meet security or regulatory compliance requirements.

Private cloud delivers similar advantages to public cloud, such as scalability, but with added security and control through a singular architecture.

With on-premise infrastructure, your applications and data will be located on-site, which poses many security risks and can be costly to maintain. Private cloud is usually housed within secure, compliant, off-site data centre and managed by a third-party hosting provider.

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