A Day in the Life: Home Edition 

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
5 May 2020

Working from home during lockdown 

Home edition
Our popular Day in the Life series gives our followers an insight into the average working day of members of the Hyve team. For this special Home Edition, some of the team have welcomed us into their homes during lockdown in the UK. 

Like most businesses around the world, we are operating from home (where possible) and it is very much business as normal. We are focused on supporting our customers through these testing times and have adapted to a different way of working and communicating together. 

Staying connected
The team is able to work as if they were in the office with our Virtual Desktop services and use video conferencing and project management tools for regular meetings and team collaboration.

Clear communication has been vital and we have all benefited from staying connected both professionally and personally. The Hyve team spirit continues on, stronger than ever, with regular catch ups and quizzes outside of our normal work projects. 

Remote working
Take a look at Oliver and Mariana’s remote work set ups and listen to their tips about how to stay in regular contact with colleagues during this time!

Hyve at Home - A Day in the Life with Oliver

“I want to get back to clients as quickly as possible so that they know that we are there for them. Personal service is what we are all about.”

Oliver Ward, Head of Strategy at Hyve, shows us his working day from his home in London. Oliver works across all departments at Hyve from marketing, process implementation, to sales and account management.

Hyve at Home - A Day in the Life with Mariana

“The video team has been focusing on animations and we’ve been filming a lot from our homes. We've also been trying to get everyone else involved as much as possible in filming short clips for our working from home videos.”

Mariana Diaz, Production Assistant at Hyve, shows us her working day and how she changes up her workstation to help stay focused. Mariana assists with filming and editing Hyve’s video output and has been finding ingenious ways to create new content whilst working remotely.

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