Election week : the future of technology

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7 May 2015

With the General Election on 7th May, we’ve been looking at what the main party leaders have to say about the future of technology.

Technology is a driving force in modern society. Broadband internet seems to be the most prominent part of most technology policies, with pledges to improve speed and connectivity for users around the country.

We’ve summarized the key points from the leading parties :

* 95% of the country to have access to a super fast Broadband service by 2017.
* UK to be a world leader in the development of 5G networks.
* They want to publish data from iOS and Android about the security of phones and tablets.
* More rigorous age verification for inappropriate content on the Internet

* Promise an improved broadband service, and a service that is affordable and high-speed in rural areas
* Renewable technology will be a big focus. Labour want Britain to be leaders in green technology and create jobs associated with this
* Major focus on online privacy
* Digital technology will be key for improving UK’s productivity and industrial strategies

Lib Dem
* Promising a 99.9% coverage for Broadband
* Have suggested that GP’s could offer appointments over Skype as a cost-effective measure
* Have put forward a ‘Digital Bill of Rights’ in relation to online privacy
* Creation of a right to view and correct personal data online

* Advocating green technology
* End mass surveillance
* End software copyright
* Fund research into renewable technology

* Green technologies scorned
*No more money spent on wind farms or solar energy solutions
* Will only support green technologies if more cost effective than fossil fuels
* Britain’s exit from the EU, EU has had a massive impact on technology

[NB. We haven’t included SNP and Plaid Cymru as we’ve just considered parties that are relevant to our geographic location, though the results of the election could involve a coalition with either party. All information summarised from the party manifestos which can be found online. ]

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