Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
30 April 2018

This week was a win for cybercrime enforcement, after the DDoS attack-for-hire site Webstresser.org was shut down.

Known for their ‘point and click’ DDoS attacks, Webstresser was popular with script kiddies who didn’t have the technical chops to launch an attack. Webstresser.org helped launch over 4 million attacks from the site, costing users under $20 a time. With around 136,000 registered users, the site rented out the use of stressers to launch attacks.

Dubbed ‘Operation Power Off’, the site was taken down by several law enforcement agencies including Dutch police and the UK’s National Crime Agency. The site has been shut down and the infrastructure seized in the US, Germany and the Netherlands.

There’s not much information at present about the cyber siege, but arrests of service admins have apparently been made in the UK, Canada, Serbia and Croatia. Nothing has been revealed about what will happen to the details of the users of the service either.

The service was allegedly responsible for cyber attacks against seven of the UK’s biggest banks in November last year, as well as attacks on government agencies and the gaming industry.

Remember kids, DDoS is bad.

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