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7 February 2018

DDoS could cost your business over $100k in damages, so says a new NETSCOUT Arbor report.

60% increase
They reckon that there’s been an increase of 60% in DDoS attacks that cost companies up to $1000 a minute. On top of that, there’s been a five fold increase in DDoS attacks that cost over $100,000.

The report is based on over 390 responses from the likes of service providers, hosts and other network operators all over the globe. The majority of the respondents work as security, operations or network pros.

DDoS mischief
It’s pretty scary reading. 20% increase in multi-vector attacks in 2018 mixed with TCP exhaustion attacks, application-layer attacks, and of course the good old fashioned high volume attacks. This mix of mischief makes it much hard to mitigate. Which makes it much more likely the attackers will win.

“Nearly half the group said they experienced a multi-vector attack” said Gary Sockrider, technologist with NETSCOUT Arbor.

The amusingly surnamed security expert continued: “Along with revenue loss, companies also experience customer and employee churn as well as reputational damage”

Nothing like extortion
So, who was doing the DDoSing? China, Russia and within the US were the source of the majority of the attacks. And the reasons for attacking? Showing off (49.1%) to potential DDoS service customers. Extortion came in at 44.4%. 34.5% of attacks were because the attackees had been annoyed because of moral or political reasons.

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