Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015

Written by:
Daniele Carotenuto
Date Posted:
6 October 2015
Hyve News

October is National and European Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Cyber security (or a lack of) has had a lot of press this past year. Sadly this is a major downfall of the digital world that we live in. Cyber Security Awareness month aims to educate everyone: from parents, teachers, children, to people working in businesses, about online safety. It is our shared responsibility to make the internet a safer place for all.

We’re Cyber Security Awareness Month champions. We want to reach as many of you as possible. We want everyone to ask themselves what privacy means to them or their business, and whether cyber security has enough prominence in their lives.

Basic tips for staying safe online:

  • Keep a clean machine and the same with all internet connected devices
  • Use two/multi factor authentication where possible
  • Use strong passwords. Also multiple passwords for all your online accounts
  • Keep an eye on suspicious emails, ads and social media posts
  • When sharing or posting information online, think about your personal information and how it could be perceived by others
  • Think about what privacy means for your business. Educate staff.
  • Keep procedures in place for staff access to data and confidential information (ISO27001 will be good for this)
  • Avoid public wifi spots like the plague
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