Critical patch for Linux, as Glibc super bug is found

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17 February 2016

A critical patch for Linux servers is now available after an open-source bug has been found in the Glibc library.

This will affect a large number of Linux distributions and software. Google and Red Hat have also warned that patches should be updated as soon as possible.

We strongly advise users to immediately patch your server(s) using your Linux distribution package manager

CentOS 6 and later
yum update glibc

Red Hat
Please see this link for more info on the Red Hat patch –

Please see this link for more info on the Ubuntu patch –

For Hyve customers:
If you have patch management, Hyve Support will take care of this for you automatically. No need for concern. Please raise a ticket via the MyHyve Support portal if you need any assistance, or contact the Hyve sales team if you would like to add patch management to your account.



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