Craft ICT’s testimonial proves that a bigger company isn’t always best

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7 November 2016
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Amazing customer feedback

Andy Hibbs from Craft ICT awarded us five stars in a recent online review on Serchen.

In his review Andy spoke about how they needed to move away from previous provider Rackspace for greater speed and service. Having suffered a depersonalised experience when Rackspace expanded their business, Craft ICT started to look for a new host who could provide a more personal service.

Craft ICT carried out like for like tests on the Hyve internal infrastructure against big name competitors such as AWS, and we had hugely favourable results. Now, two years on, Andy “cannot talk highly enough of our management, sales and support teams” and praises us for continuing to go above and beyond to meet their requirements.

Thanks Andy! If you have similar feedback to share, we’d love you to leave us a review too.

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