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    All our solutions are tailor made to specific customer requirements, answer the following questionnaire to help us configure the perfect solution. We promise to send out all quotes out the same day. Please enter your email address to get started. We will keep your data private, we won’t share it and it's encrypted.


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    Hyve offer loadbalancing to mitigate against failures. Can you tolerate any downtime during maintenance such as OS Patches and Security updates and/or hardware failures?

    I can tolerate downtime during a hardware, software application failure or maintenance tasks such as patching at an agreed time.Absolutely no downtime tolerated at all, ever.Other

    Hyve offer dual site solutions so when the primary data center fails, the secondary data center will take over providing less than 3 minutes of downtime. This is a requirement for many enterprises. Do you have any disaster recovery objectives?

    RTO/RPO less than 15 minutesRTO/RPO more than 15 minutes is OKI Don't careN/AOther

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    Hyve DBAs support most database technologies helping them run at peak performance. What Database Technology so you use?

    SQL ServerMySQLPostgreSQLOracleMongoN/AOther

    Hyve Database administrators setup an Active/Passive or Active/Active configuration, meaning no downtime in the event of database failure – this normally requires an additional server to run the database and sometimes some extra licenses if you are running MS SQL Server or Oracle. Do you require Database Clustering?


    Hyve offer management for multiple cloud solutions, Hyves own VMware platform both multi and single tenant as well as support for AWS and Azure Which solution do you require?

    VMWare Private Cloud Hosting (single tenant)VMWare Public Cloud Hosting (multi-tenant)AWS Cloud HostingAzure Cloud HostingOther

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    Hyve engineers will not stop until your site is migrated and live on our platform, do you require migration support? Do you require migration Assistance?


    Do you require copies of your backups offsite, this allows you to download your server in the event of a disaster in the primary data center and ensures your data is safe?


    Hyve offer a suite of security products for mission critical applications with strict data privacy, Are you interested in our Security Products?

    SSL CertificatesFirewallsVPNLog AnalysisData EncryptionWeb Application FirewallIntrusion Detection System (IDS)Malware ProtectionAntiVirusPenetration TestingVulnerability ScanningTwo Factor AuthenticationPCI DSS Compliance Solutions

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    Have you had any attacks on your website and do you want to secure against attacks on the website?


    For mission critical/high traffic applications we recommend server load balancing.


    Hyve offer Varnish cache servers to speed up websites Is this of interest?


    If you store credit cards on the website you will most likely require PCI compliance, Do you require PCI compliance?


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    Hyve offer multiple management levels for our customers, Hyve can become an extension of your business running all aspects of your online platform so you don't have to. Management is charged based on the number of hours Hyve engineers spend on your platform each month on a retainer basis.

    Application Layer Management (PHP, .net, Java)Database AdministrationPatch Management – Monthly hotfixes and patches with rollbackDDoS Mitigation Services UnlimitedDatabase Clustering ManagementDatabase Replication ManagementGEO-DNS Services / DNS Load BalancingDistributed File System ManagementProactive Out of Hours MonitoringProactive Auto-scaling for heavy trafficCustomer Specific ProceduresDevOpsPerformance TuningSecurity ManagementLoad TestingDevelopment

    Hyve offer 2 levels of monitoring, Reactive – You respond to alerts and put in tickets with our support team. Proactive – We respond to alerts and resolve issues. Which Monitoring do you require?


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    What location do you require to host in?

    When is this solution going live?

    Within a monthWithin 3 monthsWithin 6 monthsWithin 12 monthsOther

    WebsiteSaaSCMS HostingContainer hosting e.g DockerEcommerceEmail platformSecure File SharingAnalytic PlatformMobile app

    Please describe in as much details as possible what you are looking to achieve?

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    Would you be interested in keeping up to date with our latest offers and news?

    Do you have any questions?

    If you have any questions regarding our services or would like to speak directly to us, please use the number listed below.

    Call on: 0800 612 2524

    What services do we offer?


    Managed Private Cloud

    Single-tenant hardware, dedicated to your organisation.

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    Dedicated Servers

    The fastest, most reliable dedicated servers in the industry.

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    Managed Cloud

    Multi-tenant cloud with added security and monitoring.

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    Fully-managed colocation in 35 worldwide locations.

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