The role of the cloud in digital transformation 

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
10 October 2019

A digital awakening in IT 

Ahead of the curve
Digital transformation is a way of keeping your business ahead of the curve by adopting technologies that make every day working life more efficient. It can take many forms, but the main premise of digital transformation is that it develops a service into something better through the use of technology.

Rapidly changing customer needs force businesses to evolve and adapt, and technology helps to drive it forward. So, how does the cloud play its part in the digital transformation journey? 

The flexibility of the cloud
The cloud plays an important role in digital transformation, especially as major tech trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are all driven by the cloud.

The cloud helps to transform businesses because it is so agile and flexible, and it is possible to easily add resources to servers and move applications. There’s also a growing need for services and applications that are easy to access, navigate and use on any device. The cloud enables users to work remotely and collaboratively from anywhere in the world, which is essential for any modern business.

How can the cloud digitally transform your business? 

  • Catalyst for change
    The cloud is the catalyst for digital transformation and improves many business processes. Companies can modernise their IT infrastructures as well as look for ways to use technology to improve operations, processes and services. 
  • Moving away from legacy kit
    A lot of digital transformation projects involve replacing legacy IT systems and traditional work practices for more agile solutions. Too many companies rely on legacy kit, but it does have a limited lifespan. Your business may find it difficult to use older platforms to build new digital services. 
  • Faster prototyping
    Businesses must continue to innovate to stay ahead of the competition. The cloud provides the perfect platform to easily build, test and deploy apps on different platforms without needing to set up complex infrastructures. 
  • Improve productivity
    The cloud provides more efficient collaboration between employees, allowing them to work on and share the same data at the same time. Users can access, retrieve and process information at any time, anywhere.
  • Better security
    Users can benefit from increased protection from threats and disasters. Businesses also reduce risks by moving to the cloud, enabling them to create multiple backups of their data.  
  • Reduced operating costs
    Businesses can make substantial cost savings by not having to spend on equipment, infrastructure and software. It is also possible to save on the recruitment of additional IT staff and the energy consumption that comes with running their own data centre.
  • Flexibility
    The cloud brings flexibility and agility by providing a platform that can run various resources and applications without needed to invest in different IT infrastructures.
  • Scalability
    The cloud is easy to scale up to meet your business’s requirements, especially when there are increases in traffic and extra resources or bandwidth is required.
  • Hosting experts
    Working with a hosting provider means that you will get robust security and higher performance than you ever could in-house. Managed providers also monitor your platform for you and apply relevant patches and updates, as well as offering a support service for any issues that may arise. 

Are you looking to digitally transform your business? Get in touch with our sales team on 0800 612 2524 to find out how your business can adopt the cloud.

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