Hybrid Cloud

Flexibility and scalability of public cloud, with the security and performance of private cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud puts both cloud and dedicated servers on the same network - meaning that you can have an on-premise private cloud to host your sensitive data, and a public cloud to host less critical resources such as test and development data.

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Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Features of the Hyve Hybrid Cloud


Depending how your company’s private cloud is configured it may be able to provide a certain amount of scalability. However, public cloud services will deliver your business scale with less limits because the resources are being deployed from the larger cloud infrastructure. Moving as many non-sensitive functions as possible on to the public cloud will deliver an enterprise the benefits of public cloud scalability whilst delivering a reduction of demand on the private cloud element of the environment.

Cost Efficient

Because public cloud can offer important economies of scale it also will deliver greater cost efficiencies compared directly with a private cloud. Hybrid clouds will therefore allow enterprises to take advantage of these saving for as many business functions as possible, whilst still keeping sensitive data and operations secure.


Hyve Hybrid Cloud utilises servers physically situated in the UK, this means your data is wholly secured against government sanctioned backdoors that other cloud server providers are forced to install. Further than that, the private cloud element of the platform gives your enterprise resources no other business will be accessing. In addition, our Hybrid Cloud will satisfy regulatory requirements for the handing and storage of data where applicable.


The Hyve Hybrid Cloud architecture provides a mixture of secure resources on the private cloud element and the cost effective scalability delivered by the public cloud(s) delivers the enterprise security and control with the addition of scale and reduced pricing.

Our Service

Hyve's unique UK-based operation delivers managed, public cloud IaaS with the addition of a dedicated hardware based private cloud. We can also provide accommodation for any legacy applications or highly sensitive data that needs to remain on premises. Hyve Managed Cloud is not comparable with a ‘card-behind-the-bar’ traditional public cloud such as AWS or Azure. Our prices are transparent and fixed. Every customer on the platform is credit checked, contracted and vetted by our team. Our certified experts will architect you a solution that will provide your business all the cost, resilience and scale benefits of public cloud, coupled with the security and control of our managed private cloud. All with our 100% network uptime guarantee and the only 20 minute hardware replacement SLA in the world.

Hyve are 100% carbon neutral. We use carbon offsetting to balance out the release of carbon dioxide from our offices and infrastructure.