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25 June 2015

How can cloud hosted desktop help your business?

We get a lot of people that ask us about our hosted desktop offering. Usually it’s out of curiosity – businesses want to know how they can possibly run their normal systems from any location. It sounds too good to be true?

This is the great thing about hosted desktop, it looks and feels exactly like your office computer, running the same systems and programmes. You can access your files and emails, just like you’re sat at your desk in the office. Your desktop is running from our ultra secure and fast servers in a UK data centre.


All you need is an Internet connection – and you’re ready to go! We’ve had clients who use the system to access their work space when they travel around the world to visit other branches or clients, or even for working remotely in the UK. The overriding benefit is that it saves the time and effort of sending over files that you need to e-mail or a USB, and it is a much more secure method.

Hosted desktop uses cloud technology, meaning that you can log in over our secure connection to access your files and data. Your hosted desktop(s) is backed up and monitored by our support team, which adds peace of mind for users. Upgrades, patches, and licensing is also all managed by us.


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