BtoBet – Getting the most from Private Cloud

Written by:
Amelia Craig
Date Posted:
19 February 2019

Private Cloud is one of Hyve’s most popular cloud services, providing a dedicated, secure platform for enterprise customers

Private Cloud
Private Cloud is a reliable hosting solution for businesses that take security seriously. Without any shared resources, your Private Cloud is dedicated to your organization and you have full control over every aspect of your server. Sensitive or business-critical information can be locked down and kept secure, often to meet security or compliance requirements.

Hyve’s fully managed Private Cloud infrastructure runs on our high availability VMware platform, with dedicated HP blades to host VMs and dedicated HP 3PAR SANs for optimum performance. Our ‘no single point of failure’ architecture also provides seamless continuity of service to ensure that your sites and applications are kept online at all times.

One of our clients, BtoBet, experienced an increase in site performance since they started hosting their gaming platform on Hyve’s Private Cloud.

BtoBet has a platform for the iGaming industry, which includes streaming and virtual products. They therefore needed a platform that was high performance and could scale accordingly, especially as they had experienced problems with loading speeds and site performance with their previous hosting provider.

BtoBet now hosts their iGaming platform on Hyve’s Private Cloud. Since migrating to Hyve, BtoBet has noticed a significant 30% increase in front end performance thanks to Hyve’s dedicated HPE BladeSystems and HPE 3PAR tiered storage arrays.

BtoBet also benefits from Hyve’s security suite, protecting them against DDoS attacks and ensuring that their platform is secure and backed up.

You can see the full BtoBet case study and video here.

If you would like to discuss our Private Cloud services, give our sales team a call on 0800 612 2524.

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