Top Security Tips for Black Friday

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
16 November 2018

How can you stay safe online over Black Friday weekend?

In our last blog we looked at how important it is for businesses to keep their website online and ready to scale during the sale period. But for everyone planning to shop online, it’s definitely worth reminding yourself (and everyone you know) of some basic online safety tips for the Black Friday weekend.

Hyve’s top security tips:

Don’t use public WiFi – if you have to, use a VPN (encrypts the data that you send and receive).
Ensure the site uses https, so that your personal details are encrypted.
Only buy products from reputable brands and websites.
Don’t click on links from social networks or WhatsApp, go straight to the retailer’s site.
Be wary of spoofed websites (ie. not
Don’t click any unexpected links to deals from emails.
Use credit cards to pay for items, for fraud protection.

Your PC/Device
Scan your PC regularly for malware, ransomware etc.
Keep your PC updated with the latest security patches etc.
Use the most recent, updated version of your web browser of choice.
Use strong passwords or a password manager.
If using a mobile device to make purchases, only use official apps.
Be wary of applications that ask for suspicious permissions – like access to contacts, admin features, stored passwords etc

Remember, never give away private or financial information unless you are certain that the site is reputable and secure.

Follow these simple tips for a secure shopping experience!

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