Black Friday and Cyber Monday – staying safe online

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26 November 2015

It’s America’s biggest export since Coca Cola and McDonalds (don’t hold us to that).. Black Friday.

So before we spend money on things that we don’t need, or pick up bargain Christmas gifts, we all need to remember to stay safe online.

These well publicised shopping days can be targets for cyber criminals, seeing as so many people will be rushing to buy products online. Even amidst the frenzy of buying a TV for £300, stay vigilant..

Some tips for the next few days (but also for online shopping at all times):

    • Never use a public wi-fi connection to buy products
    • Make sure that the website has a secure connection (https not http)
    • Make sure that your password for accounts is strong and secure
    • Use credit cards not debit cards
    • Be wary of email phishing scams that spoof other companies
    • Be wary of social media scams for ‘offers’
    • Check the company selling the product is legitimate and also not a spoof version (ie. not
    • Ensure your PC anti-virus is updated and regularly monitoring your computer
    • Regularly check your bank statement for irregular activity

Remember, never give away private or financial information unless you are certain that the site is reputable and secure. Shop safely.

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