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The Results

These results are intended as a guide only. This is a base test and there are a number of variables and factors that could influence results.


Azure – 11% Slower
Rackspace – 267% Slower
AWS – 681% Slower

*Amazon test ran with SSD disks


Azure – 8% Slower
Amazon – 64% Slower
RS – 78% Slower

*Rackspace test ran with 2x CPU since this is the lowest CPU spec available.


Azure – 11% Slower
Amazon – 59% Slower
RS – 86% Slower


Hyve is much faster than our competition. When you couple that with our outstanding Extra Mile support and transparent, fixed billing you see why the leading brands in the UK choose Hyve to manage their hosting.

Technical details about why we’re so fast

Hyve virtual cloud servers outperform the performance of traditional dedicated servers, with added flexibility and a no single point of failure design. Our cloud servers allow users to upgrade as and when they need to. This means your cost is reduced compared to the competition.

Unbeatable Performance with Adaptive Optimisation

Utilising HP’s latest generation of storage – 3PAR, Hyve are able to dynamically move “hot blocks” between disk tiers. This provides your virtual machine with automatic access to the SSD drive tier as and when required but without the cost implications. We monitor I/O activity at block level and ensure that your applications are split between the optimum storage type, thereby providing the industry’s fastest storage at a significant cost saving, guaranteed.

Our cloud platform has the benefit of SSD performance, without the price premium.


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