Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
21 May 2018

Hash tags have been a Twitter staple for years – sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they lead you down strange rabbit holes. A favourite of mine was the #indieamnesty a few years ago, remembering all those ‘indie’ moments before social media took over.

Last week there was a lot of chatter on Twitter about AWS. The #AWSdrinks hash tag started out as a bit of snarky fun, but some tweets ended up being more like an online support group.

Some tweeters got very inventive, turning classic cocktails into AWS products and playing out different bar related scenarios of their experiences with the host.

Here’s some #AWSdrinks with extra snark:

“The Free Tier” Well drinks are free, but at the end of the night you discover the cherries were $80 each #awsdrinks

“The Spot Instance” A classic Manhattan with a twist: The bartender will give you a 90% discount if you manage to chug it before he serves everyone else at the bar #awsdrinks

Of course the CTO at Amazon, Werner Vogels, made sure he had his own input:

“The Serverless” Whatever drink you want, no matter how many you want at the same time, in any of the closeby bars, and only pay for how much you really drank, even it was just a sip.

Take a look at the full #AWSdrinks list, does anything resonate with you?


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