Another Day, Another Data Breach

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22 March 2018

So, you’ve had a lovely holiday, swam with dolphins, nurtured your inner child and all that. Then come home and someone has rinsed ten grand on your credit card. That’d take the wind out of your sails, wouldn’t it?

Yesterday, travel company Orbitz fessed up to over 880,000 records being nicked by Naughty People.

Orbitz found out a few weeks ago that some Naughty People may have got hold of customers’ names, DoB, credit card numbers, addresses, the lot.

The company said that they found the breach when they were cleaning up an old legacy booking platform. It seems at some point between 1.11.2017 and 22.12.2017 the Naughty People sneaked in and snaffled the deets.

Orbitz said they’ve launched an investigation. So that’s reassuring. They also claim they don’t have any actual evidence that the data was nicked. Hmm…

However, they are offering free credit protection if your data got out. Probably from Equifax, who also got hacked. Sigh.

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