A first look at Windows 10

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1 May 2015
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The highly anticipated new OS will be released later in the year. So, what can we expect from Windows 10?

Microsoft has always been cutting edge, so we’re expecting a lot from the new Windows 10 OS. Windows 8 and 8.1 fell a little flat, with the clunky navigation and lack of synergy between desktop and touch screen devices receiving criticism. Usability is a major issue, and Microsoft have even skipped Windows 9 to redesign the OS.

Windows 10 is optimized for PCs, tablets and phones in unique ways. This is welcome news, especially as most of us try not to have a breakdown every time we try and find anything on our PC using the tiled menu.

So what is Windows 10 offering up?

The start menu is back – It’s a cross between the Windows 7 style interface and the tiles on Windows 8. So the Windows 10 start menu is designed for multiple devices! The start menu also has a better search option where it can search your entire machine as well as web results.

Office apps – Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint apps have been designed to work on Windows 10 laptops, phones and tablets. Office 2016 will also be launched later in the year and is expected to tie in with the apps.

Microsoft Edge – The replacement for Internet Explorer. Let’s see what Microsoft have up their sleeve, and whether it can rival Google Chrome/Safari/Firefox.

Continuum – Continuum helps users move seamlessly between devices when using apps. For instance you could hook up a Windows phone with a PC and turn your smartphone into a desktop.

iPhone and Android apps – Microsoft have announced that developers will be able to rework code easily for Apple and Android apps to be used on Microsoft devices.

Cortana – The voice-activated personal assistant will now be featured on Windows 10. Users will be able to ask the assistant to show them files, access apps and search for information.

Windows 10 will be free for Windows 7 and 8.1 users for the first year. There hasn’t been information on pricing for users on older versions of Windows, or what happens after the year of use is up for 7 and 8.1 users. Maybe in the future there will be a monthly service fee, like Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud, only time will tell.

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